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Alternative Solutions For Access

What is an Alternative Solution?

An Alternative Solution is a building solution which complies with the Performance Requirements other than the Deemed-to-Satisfy (DIS) provisions of the BCA.

How does an Alternative Solution work?

A construction Certificate application assesses whether a building will comply with the requirements of the Building Code of Australia (BCA). There are two (2) methods of:

  1. Deemed-to-Satisfy (DIS)  Compliance with an Acceptable Practice contained in the BCA itself or compliance with an Acceptable Construction Manual such as an Australian Standard. Applicable Australian Standards are listed on "Document Adopted by Reference" section of the BCA
  2. Alternative Solutions  A demonstration that a building solution meets the applicable Performance Requirements using one of the following assessment methods (a) Verification Method (b) Expert Judgement (c) Comparison on the Deemed-Satisfy Provision 

Obvius Access will provide a Compliance Proposal using the Alternative Solution System to suit your building class for example Residential (Class 1 & 10) Class 2 to 9 Buildings and address the following:

  1. Identify the relevant part of the BCA seeking consideration.
  2. Nominate the method of Assessment used to demonstrate compliance in accordance with 1.0.9 of the BCA (Vol) 2) or AO.9 of the BCA (Vol 1).
  3. Identify the application Performance Requirements associated with the building solution as per 1.0.10 of the BCA (Vol 2) or A0.10 OF The BCA (Vol 1)
  4. Provide suitable documentation to demonstrate how the proposed building solution satisfies the relevant Performance Requirements in accordance with 1.08 of the BCA or A0.8 of BCA.

Mistakes are often made in Access Compliance, as can be seen in the image above. A Simple cost effective Alternative Solution can often be devised to gain certification for Occupation and Contruction certificates by an accredited Access Consultant

Obvius Access can provide you with a comprehensive Access Alternative Solution that achieves the Performance Requirements of the BCA tailored to meet your needs. We are an Accredited Access Consultant based in Sydney NSW and the Gold Coast South East Queensland. Contact us at obviusaccess@bigpond.com or phone on 0414220562




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