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An Access Alternative Solution can be very costly unless...

 By David W Bedwell;Director OBVIUS ACCESS

Alternative Solutions are seen by many as a method of obtaining a Change of use Approval for Premises that on the surface appear to be unsuitable and non-compliant with legislation. Whilst a paper certification in relation to building code compliance may be obtained the importance of Disability Discrimination must not be compromised under any circumstances. Litigation could be lurking just round the corner unless?

By now you should be wondering?  “What is it he is getting At” What can possibly go wrong?  The answer is that a building operator should have a professionally produced Management Plan for the functional and operational management of the premises that will ensure that there will be no grounds for a complaint to be made and upheld in law on the basis that a particular person has been denied equitable and inclusive access to the premises in question. 

Grounds for a Discrimination complaint may occur unless uniform protection against unfair and unfavorable treatment of people with a disability or a person who is an associate can be demonstrated.  

When a person with a disability wishes to utilize premises including all buildings, external spaces, car parking areas, pathways and facilities then equitable, dignified, access must be provided. Failure to do so could provide grounds for complaint and possibly lead to costly compliant modifications being required to resolve the specific issue of complaint. 

An Access Management Plan specifically written and tailored to suit each premises and their respective operation when an Alternative Solution is proposed should always be considered relative to each Alternative Solution Submission. 

Obvius Access regularly successfully produces for their clients Alternative Access Solution Reports that incorporate a Project Specific Management Plan which are based upon their extensive in depth experience and expertise in integrating compliancy and management. 

We are here to help you provide the Total Solution so please feel free to contact us we look forward to the challenge each project provides  

David Bedwell is a Director of Obvius Access an Australian Disability Access Consultancy located in the Gold Coast Queensland and Sydney New South Wales. 

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