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Disability Fact and Figures


How Many People Suffer one or another Form of Disability?


20% or 1 in 5 Recent Research in the USA has shown that almost all of the population is suffering from one form or level of disability.

It is fair to assume that for Australia and most of Europe that the percentage is likely to be similar.

This would indicate that in Australia for example over 4 million of us could have some level of disability.

Research in USA by CDC (Centre for Disease and Conditions) has shown that people with disabilities generally report poorer health than people without disabilities. As a result one of the Centre’s main objectives is the promoting of health and well-being among people of all ages with disabilities

Using American Census information the following interesting statistics emerge

* 0.04% of the population age 15 and older cannot hear

* 0.09% of the population age 15 and older are unable to see

* 1.20% of the population age 15 and older use a wheelchair

* 8.75% of the population has limitations in cognitive functioning or mental/emotional illness.

* 56% of people with a disability (ages 21 to 64) worked sometime during the past year.

The Australian Census of 2011 when published will make interesting comparison with the above recorded USA Census Information.

Get an Access Audit, Enter the Way to Find the untapped future Growth Market of 2017

As the Retirement Population of Australia is seen to be rapidly increasing in percentage terms the particular 20% or 1 in 5 of over 65 year olds will be seeking more and more accessible places for ‘Things to Do” Places to See” in their retirement years.

This section of the population is an ever increasing all year round phenomenal market with untapped and unlimited potential for Vacation Resort Operators, Retirement Complex Operators, Hotel and Guest House Owners, Tour Operators, Shopping Centres, Indoor and Outdoor Markets, Entertainment Centres, Tourist Attractions, and many others.

Any operator entering this untapped market place can take the opportunity of obtaining from obviusaccess@bigpond,com an appointment for one of our qualified consultants to discuss the preparation of a fully comprehensive Access Audit for your premises.

Obvius Access Audits will not cost as much as you think and will give you the peace of mind that compliance with DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) can be achieved. This will give you access to this major growth market, and In addition our Management Plan will keep you up to date with any forthcoming legislation changes.

Obvius Access Consultants have been Consulting in Disabled Access since 2008.We are a family company with over 40 years experience in the consultancy industry.We are based on the Gold Coast of Australia and Sydney NSW 

David Bedwell

For more information,visit www.accessconsultant.com.au

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