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Livable Housing Access Audits    

What are livable Housing Access Audits? 

A  Livable designed home incorporates key easy living features that aim to make a dwelling easier and safer to live in for all occupants including people with Disability, ageing Australians, people with temporary injuries and families with young children, in general a Livable home is designed to: 

·           Be easy to enter and exit  

·           Be easy to move around in  

·           Be capable of easy and cost effective adaptation which can anticipate and respond  to the changing needs of home occupants  

Livable Housing Australia (LHA) is a not-for-profit organisation established through a unique industry, consumer and government initiative. LHA is responsible for the development, dissemination and revision of the nationally agreed Livable Housing Design Guidelines 

LHA is also responsible for the issuing of the Silver, Gold and Platinum Livable Housing Design Quality Mark (see below) 

How do I acquire the Livable Design quality mark?  

The Livable Housing Design quality mark is issued subject to accreditation of your building project by LHA. This involves an assessment undertaken at the design and as-built stages of the development by a third party assessor such as Obvius Access who can be contacted at obviusaccess@bigpond.com 

1.     Register with LHA  . Complete the project registration form and return to info@lha.org.au .LHA will prepare a Licence Agreement and will send an invoice for the Verification Fees  

2.     Contact Assessor  . Contact Daniel Bedwell at Obvius Access on 0414220562 to arrange for a copy of the development drawings to be forwarded to Obvius Access. Obvius Access will then prepare a design assessment fee proposal for your approval  

3.     Assessment of Design.  Obvius Access will then undertake a desk top assessment of the project design using the LHA assessment forms. Obvius Access will then provide you with a copy of the completed Design Assessment form and letter confirming the result of the assessment.  

4.     LHA Design Verification  . You need to send the executed License Agreement and payment of the Verification fee invoice to LHA along with a copy of your plans and the completed Assessment form from Obvius Access. LHA will then issue the development with the Provisional Livability quality mark  

5.     As-built Inspection  . Once built, please contact Obvius Access to arrange for an as -built inspection. Obvius Access will prepare an as- built assessment fee proposal for your approval. Once the fee proposal is approved. Obvius Access will undertake an on-site assessment of the development using the LHA Assessment form  

6.     LHA as-built Verification  . You then need to submit the as-built assessment report to LHA for Verification. Once verified, LHA will issue the development with the final Livable Quality Mark  

Once issued, a Provisional Quality Mark can be used for up to 2 years or 30 days after Certification of Completion is achieved- whichever occurs first. The final Quality Mark can be used for up to 7 years 



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