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Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

It is the employers responsibility to make to make sure all employees are aware of the evacuation procedures in the workplace. Fire and other emergency evacuation procedures should always include provisions for people with Disabilities and Special Needs

What is a PEEP?

A Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEP) is an individualized emergency plan designed with practical measures and appropriate actions for an occupant with a disability and Special needs who may need assistance during an emergency.

Evacuation Procedures for people with disability

  • Delegate a fire warden for each work area who is clearly identified.
  • Ensure Fire Wardens are aware of any occupants with disabilities in their work area and personal assistance requirements in an emergency evacuation
  • During an emergency evacuation the Fire Warden should assign an appropriate person (a 'buddy') to assist each employee with a disability
  • Emergency personnel (for example, fire fighters and Police should be advised by the Fire Warden of the location of occupants with reduced  mobility in refuge areas
  • Conduct practice drills regularly for emergency evacuation
  • Ensure that both visible and audible emergency alarms are installed where needed

Who would require assistance in an Emergency?

Consideration should be given to people who are unable to act optimally in an emergency. This includes occupants and visitors who
  • Use Wheelchair or mobility scooters
  • Have an ambulatory disability
  • Have a hearing impairment or who are deaf
  • Have a vision impairment or who are blind
  • Are easily fatigued
  • Easily experience acute anxiety in an emergency; or
  • Easily experience extreme confusion in an emergency
  • Use alternative forms or information and communication
  • Are accompanied by an assistant
  • Have a guide or companion animal
Suitable strategies should be discussed, processed and developed into a Personal emergency evacuation plan in the event of a fire or other emergency evacuation

Things you may wish to consider

A wheelchair or mobility scooter user cannot use the lift in the event of a fire due to the fact the lift well is generally not fire rated and a very dangerous place to be stuck in a fire
It is not advised for a co workers to lift a wheelchair or mobility scooter user from their chair to carry them down the fire stairs in the event of a fire, tripping or falling  becomes a distinct possility,instead leave it to the trained fire brigade personnel

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