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Skate Parks

Extreme sport for Wheelchair users


Why Should Skate Parks be Accessible?

Council Skate parks are generally free facilities used by skateboarders, BMX and Scooter riders of all abilities and all ages. The intension being to discourage Riders from using local footpaths and thoroughfares and instead use a safer, purpose built facilities designed by experts in the field.

A Code of conduct is developed and set in place to reduce the risk of injury and create a harmonious environment for Skateboarders, BMX, Scooter riders and alike where all users are given 'a fair go'

With the advancement of wheelchair sports such as wheelchair basketball and wheelchair Rugby plus athletic achievements of the Paralympians having a positive impact upon perception of Disability, people with disability cannot be excluded from using Skate parks. Many people with disabilities exercise creativity with grit and determination, figuring out ways to overcome barriers.

Young people with disabilities are being inspired by courageous  Role models such as Aaron Fotheringham (see video's below) www.aaronfotheringham.com the worlds best extreme wheelchair athlete who was born with spina bifida and cannot walk (fly's instead)

For all the above reasons provisions should be made for Skate Parks to be accessible for people with disabilities. Skate Parks should have an accessible path of travel from adjacent walkways which are easily transversable for a wheelchair user, allowances for wheelchair entry on to the Skate Park should be made especially at the design stage allowing people with disabilities the chance to have 'a fair go' at the same time providing a safe as possible play environment 





By John Bedwell   Sydney Access Consultant for Obvius Access Consultants     2014


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