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Current 2017/18  Project - Centennial Park Sydney 

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For Expert Access Reports, Alternative Solutions and Adaptable housing Appraisals at low cost market prices choose Obvius Access

We have formulated successful Access Reports for:

 Multi- Dwelling Apartments, Aquatic Centres, Art Galleries, Places of Worship, Libraries, Wharfs,

 Schools, Child care centres, Shops, Clubs, Parks, Restaurants, Fast food outlets, Small Inner city cafes, Small

 bars, Cabin and Caravan parks, Community centres and Council buildings.

From the 'Big Brother House' to 'Redfern Mosque' to 'Palm Beach Wharf' to 'The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney' we have helped our clients stay compliant and competitive in today’s fast changing world,

Helping Plan and implement known and future legislative requirements to not only keep pace with-but to enhance-your organizations growth.

For today's Service providers, Building owners, Architects, Certifiers, Developers, Building Managers the following legislation applies

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 It is unlawful to treat disabled people less favourably than other people for a reason related to their disability.

The Disability Discrimination Act  (DDA) provides uniform protection against unfair and unfavourable treatment for people with disabilities helping to end the Discrimination and Access Barriers which many people with Disabilities face in their day to day lives

The Disability Access to Premises-Buildings Standards legislate that New Buildings and Existing Building upgrades requiring building approval must incorporate Disability Access legislative adjustments into their proposals to overcome physical barriers to access for people with disabilities.

We Offer

  • Existing Premises Access Audits to assist in meeting your legislative DDA requirements 
  • Existing Premises Access Appraisals for when a less detailed reporting method is required 
  • Disability Action Plans effective in ensuring compliance with the DDA  and AHRC 
  • Access Alternative Solutions to meet the performance requirements of the BCA 
  • Adaptable Housing Checklist and Audits to meet local councils DCP requirements and comply with AS 4299-1995 adaptable housing 
  • Livable Housing Access Audits in order to attain the livable housing design quality mark 
  • Access and Mobility Reports for DA and CC Applications to meet local councils DCP requirements and Disability Access to Premises -Building Standards in 'Sydney's Booming Multi-Dwelling apartment Industry' 
  • Interior Office Design advice in accordance with the Disability Access requirements of the DDA 
  • Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) 

 Why Obvius Access?

We are the leading Accredited Disabled Access Consultant with offices in Sydney NSW and the Gold Coast of Australia QLD, offering Access Consultancy services across two Eastern States practice

We have extensive experience in offering a logical and practical balanced approach to enable our clients to attain peace of mind that their premises and management plans are compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act  (DDA)  the Australian Disability Access to Premises Standards

We can produce a step by step cost-effective plan for you to achieve optimum ongoing DDA compliance for your organization

as1428.1 2009 plumber

For Installation of Accessible Toilets, Sanaitry Facilities and plumbing fixtures/fittings to meet the compliannce requirements of AS 1428.1:2009

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    • Obvius Access Consulting Sydney
      Sydney Disability Access Consultants Obvius provide Access Reports for DA submissions of multi dwelling apartments and Alternative solutions. Premises Standards & DDA compliance
    • Why the Obvius ?
      Access consultants Obvius Access explain the meaning of the word "Obvius" The word OBVIU is derived from the Latin Language which literally when translated means “Being on the Way” or “Accessible” Derived from the use of “Ob” before and “Via” way.
    • Recent Access Audits and Projects
      Obvius Access Consultants current ongoing Access projects 2015 and recent Access Report which includes Alternative solutions, Adaptable Housing and Action Plans.
    • Past Access Audits and Projects
      Past on-site Access Audits and desk top reviews undertaken by Obvius Access consultants

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